Radio Quarantine -Synesthesia – An Acid Core Mix

August 2020 Youtube Mix

Synesthesia Definition: Synesthesia is a condition in which stimulation of one sense automatically evokes a perception in an unstimulated sense (e.g. the sound of a bell triggers seeing the color blue). The most common forms of synesthesia involve written words, letters, digits, and/or auditory stimuli.

My younger boy used to say that different songs had different colors. It was a phenomenon I’d heard about and experienced but hadn’t met anyone else who experienced. It was yet another thing that when I spoke about, was ridiculed. Yet here was this kindergartner tell me of his experience with music, entirely unprompted. It made me feel not so alone in the Universe.

Anyway, I think I new that ACID CORE was a thing, but here it is.

I’m certain it’s not something I would have abided by even a few years ago. The skull cracks open though and any manner of phenomena become… reasonable. That’s what happened to me with not only music, but art, literature and ideas…. with theory. Things started to make sense when I let go of what I would have preferred made sense but either didn’t or no longer made sense. The last few years have been liberating in many respects. As many of the old orders fell into disorder, I became centered and.. well… happier. This is not lovely music in any traditional sense, but many things in the world are that way, both the natural world and the manmade world.

I am willing.

I am open.

I am also entirely unfamiliar with any of the artists on the following tracklist:

  • Mr.Gasmask – Primordial Soup
  • KaTek Vs Bertha – Dark Dream
  • Kuzko – Dirty Night Acid
  • Chimik – Drive Blind
  • Mr Gasmask – Acid Attack
  • LA KAJOFOL – Echoes From Beyond
  • Bandikoot – Mavericks
  • Buk – Calipso
  • Bertha Vs Mylacid – Space Distortion
  • ENKO – Shrouded In Ash
  • Kefran Narkotek – Granulize Me
  • Brain Impact – What Happens
  • Subway Shamans – Clinical Conception
  • LA KAJOFOL – Horizon
  • Anťøt3k – Stomping Acid
  • Acid Division – Acab

This is one of those rare and wonderful mornings when I feel as if I’ve prepared my entire life for the breakdown there outside. Of course that sounds entirely psycho but it’s not. I’m only saying that when you’ve watched from the outside for reasons of depression or melancholy or whatever, you know that much of it has always been bullshit. It’s hard to be bothered by what you’ve always known. Still, in all the uncertainty and madness, there is wonder in how people navigate the space and the things they create. That’s what matters.

I’m making no sense today at all, so I’ll quit for now

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