Radio Quarantine -Crypto Order – For Profit & Pleasure (Sept 11, 2020)

Appropriately posted on the 19th anniversary of one of the most devo days of my life. The world was already weird but September 11, 2001 jumpstarted The New Age of Fear. It was like tripping the nitro switch in a race car. We all took off for a new space. It was originally posted two weeks before the anniversary, on my birthday, and seeing that CRYPTO ORDER has quickly become my favorite act of 2020 it was like a personal gift. The Genre Gurus are still trying to name it, so I’m not going to bother. It just seems perfect for the times… claustrophobic, paranoid… not pretty in any usual sense of the word.

Despite anything that can be said about 2020, it’s been a good year for music and art. What may have previously been considered a dark fringe has moved to the forefront, in my eyes anyway. Shit like this came of age this year.

The streets of Manhattan were packed yesterday and all the outdoor dining areas were elbow to covid-infected elbow. It reminded me of that point after the WTC attack when people got too frightened to stay at home with their thoughts and hit the streets again and packed the bars and restaurants. Back then that recalled the part of The Plague by Camus when he spoke of people leaving their houses and sitting in cafes pretending life was normal. Repetition, repetition, repetition… We are who we are.

This is such dark shit. There’s a line in the song In Plain Sight: And I have said for years, if the abuser is any good, you won’t even know it’s happened… You will be in it and you won’t even know it’s happened… It’s gonna be someone you know.

The song, you can tell from the samples, is clearly about childhood sexual abuse, but it’s any kind of abuse and manipulation really. Trust can be abused in so many circumstances. Used against vulnerable individuals, or vulnerable groups. Sometimes groups are even more vulnerable because everyone looks around waiting for someone to react first and if nobody does for whatever reason, perhaps out of fear, or perhaps waiting for someone else to be first… until then everyone just goes along to get along. That’s group dynamic. That’s why we’ve all been brunching while powerful people rape and pillage. It’s why Black lives have not truly mattered. It’s why so many children go missing. It’s why we weren’t prepared for the pandemic. We wait for someone else to react first. After a while if nobody does, the abuse is rendered invisible even to us. We go back to brunch.

That’s how 2020 happened. The abusers have been people we’ve known and trusted. They were in plain sight. I told you that this isn’t pretty music in the traditional sense of pretty. It is fantastically beautiful though. In the comments section on Youtube someone asks the producer how he got a specific bass sound. His answer:

“I just plug a tape recorder through my brain cortex.”

I’m grateful to him for the willingness to mine this from his brain. His willingness to go there… To be maybe one of the first to point out that something is very, very wrong.

This is every damn thing!

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