Radio Quarantine -Hoffnhide-Dark Techno Mix

2013 Youtube Mix by Hoffnhide

About the only thing more unsettling than the image is the mix itself. Dark only begins to describe it but hey, that’s where we are. There’s well over a quarter of a million views and you have to wonder how many of the views are repeats. I’ll be revisiting, so…

Not much to say this morning. It’s the same strange place as yesterday. It’s not a good place but it’s not necessarily bad either. It’s dark and unsettled but all that means is uncertainty. I wouldn’t trust anyone these days who said they were doing perfectly fine. It just doesn’t ring true.

And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. ~ Matthew 24-6 NKJ

A friend told me the other day that she is troubled and worried about an impending race war. I had to think about that for a bit and still came up uncertain. There is no reason to believe that such a thing is not imminent, but it doesn’t seem quite primed for that. People are disorganized and a nation of people that is driven to distraction by wearing masks to protect their lives doesn’t exactly seem ready to run with the “inconveniences” of going to war. There will be a rise in random violence and chaos for sure. War? Not quite yet, but probably not. Don’t quote me on that. I really don’t know anymore, but there is no reason not to believe that it’s not headed in that direction. The timeline is the greatest uncertainty there.

But this sounds crazy, doesn’t it? It sounds like the rantings of an unhinged man. I’m not unhinged. I’m just willing to consider the possibilities. It just seems to me that we are in a darker place than at any point in my memory. I guess I took it for granted that we were progressing but that may have been merely wishful thinking.

I don’t know.

Maybe I just need to sleep more.

There is a lot of wisdom in that Bible quote above though. All these things must come to pass. We’re going to put a stress on that must. It’s not that these things have to come to pass. It just seems to me that the ‘must’ is more about grim resignation. They must because it’s unlikely that they won’t at some point because the wheels have long since been set in motion. The weight and momentum would dictate that it’s going to happen. It may not be our final fate. The irony is that what will prevent it from being final is that for all the rage and hatred and fear, we still lose the stomach for it after a while. That’s when compromise and progress happens, when we’ve all lost the stomach to carry on fighting and we start to reconsider just how fucking important it ever was to us. We consider the cost, both in blood and our own humanity.

Blah. Humanity is a funny word. We’ve never even truly figure out what it is, or we haven’t actually agreed on a final definition. We call things inhuman, that seem to me to be very human. Often the things we don’t want to admit to end up being the traits that are most human of all.

Fuck it. I sound like a lunatic.

I think it’s just uncertainty and fear. I’m not immune to it either.

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