Radio Quarantine -Holidays – Sovietwave Mix (2019)

The image suggests schoolchildren being released at year’s end for summer break. It’s not exactly where the world is right now but schools in many parts of the country will not be open tomorrow. The kids aren’t running around in packs. They’re not really allowed to go anywhere. Hello, long Corona virus days.

This weird little niche of electronic music still fascinates me. For all the cheery upbeat vibes in many of the songs, there is still that sense of melancholy, as if it’s more about looking back wistfully on youth and not celebrating being young. It’s saying, “I remember those days.”

Strange and sad.

Sad and strange.

There isn’t a lot of time to sit back and reflect on my own younger days, let alone concerning myself with other people looking back. It’s a strange place… a strange mood I woke up in today. The wee hours found me harassing strangers online about religion. It’s nothing to be proud of, being able to effectively use The Bible itself to flip the narratives upside down. I’ve got a talent where that’s concerned though, but why would it be a thing for me? Why is there a compulsion to be mean? Sure, it could be as simple as being triggered by the sanctimonious but that’s really no reason for me to be an asshole, especially to strangers. Leave them to whatever it is they require to get by and do my own thing, right? Yet, it happened. So I say to myself…

Be better.

Don’t get it twisted. There was no sleep lost on this end. Still, it’s a bad habit on this end and totally a sign of acting out. It’s acting something out. Be better.

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