Radio Quarantine – Bootblacks: Thin Skies (2020)

Straight outta Brooklyn… They’re doing it right here at home too, and why not. Brooklyn seems to be the epicenter of The Universe these last few years, so… BOOTBLACKS

I would have expected Hardcore or Oi vibes with the band name, but what we have is 80s, semi-Goth sounds. A bit New Order and a bit Depeche Mode and guitars reminiscent of The Cult and there you have it.

There’s a lot happening in Brooklyn at any point in time. This isn’t really the best time to be able to take advantage of any of it but the artists and musicians are carrying on in their own spaces and getting things done. There’s a lesson there. Bootblacks released this in October and there is no chance that they can get out and tour behind it to promote it. They’re just doing it for the sake of the music itself. I wake up in the morning and do my job and they’re doing the same thing. That’s really kind of cool.

Thin Skies is another album that was sampled on the “Best of 2020” mix I posted a few days ago. Calling it a treasure trove was no hyperbole. All these folks are waking up and doing their thing and there’s a lot to be grateful for there. That’s the lesson. We get up and do these things because it’s what we do and the opportunity to keep doing it is cool as well. You can never go wrong with a large dose of acceptance. None of this bullshit is ideal but we still get to do it.


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