Radio Quarantine – Negative Reaction s/t (1981 Australia)

This is one of those YouTube offerings I only clicked on because of the accompanying artwork and if the video disappears it seems there will be almost no record that it existed at all. Google returned only the most basic mention. There was a sludge metal band with the same name from the US but there is no relation between the two. It would be a shame if this got lost in space again because while it’s not the most accessible music ever, it’s pretty special in its own unique way. It’s a dark trip into inner space. It’s like getting lost in an abandoned mine in your own head. You’re not going to dance to it. You’re not going to bang your head to it. It’s not even anything you’re going to chill out to at 4am after a night out when you still can’t sleep. It’s… different.

I’m going to save this space and perhaps add more later. I’m only posting it up now because I don’t want to forget it and lose track.

Edit: We got our first snowfall today. It’s more of a light dusting than anything but it started around noon with some flurries and it’s still going an hour later. Nothing momentous but it makes me happy. It can keep going. That would suit me fine, the heavier the better. That’s wishful thinking but still..

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