Radio Quarantine – OK Doomer – Lonely

2020 – Argentina

I can’t even begin to say how happy this makes me. The backstory is my sons, quite a few months ago, dubbed me a mash-up between a Doomer and a Baby Boomer… a Baby Doomer. This was back when Okay Boomer memes were running rampant, so we went straight to Okay Doomer. Seems it wasn’t all that unique or original a thought. Hence this band, but I didn’t expect it to come from Argentina. So… OK DOOMER

It’s real. It is, of course, real tongue in cheek also. You only need to check out the album title and track list. Musically though it could easily come from any Russian Doomer Music collection.

  • No One Cares 00:00
  • Before 03:53
  • Nightwalk In Pripyat 07:49
  • Прощай… (Goodbye) 11:53
  • The Joyless Generation 16:47
  • The End Is Predictable 20:38
  • Let’s Watch The World’s Ending 24:15

Anyway… this is so vital to my running stream/theme of doomer music and coldwave.

I’m going to laugh myself sick.

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