Radio Quarantine – Gri Gri: I’m Not a Performing Monkey

Holland – early 80s?

GRI GRI is another project that defies any classification so let’s just call it experimental. Even experimenting doesn’t quite really fit here because it sounds like they knew exactly what they were doing. Were there formal compositions? There must be, but… Well, it’s another offering from a YouTube channel I stumbled across yesterday: Archaic Inventions

I’m envious of anyone who has found a way to unearth all these rarities and oddities but they seem to have a good collection. I’d be hard-pressed to explain what exactly is so compelling about this but there is no reason to try. We like what we like. We’re drawn to what we’re drawn to. I’m just glad that someone has found a way to bring it all to the surface, at least for as long as the videos remain active. Why am I re-blogging? I guess just to make sure that yet one more person knows that this stuff existed and that there could be more out there than what they can imagine. What a dreadful, crashingly dull world it would be if we were limited to what floods the pop charts. Any splash of color in a world of beige is welcome.

Today I’m grateful for everything that doesn’t fit neatly into place. I’m grateful for all that isn’t beige. That which doesn’t conform. That which creates cognitive dissonance. That which offends they eye and the ear. That which makes people uncomfortable. That which makes people know how small their world is, whether they choose to look outside their bubble or not. Just that they know it exists is enough. The memories of these things and sounds and people will persist.

That may sound mean-spirited. It’s not. Uncertainty is what makes us and keeps us human. Not everything should be ordered and defined and classified, and that applies especially to people. Thank you, little 8lb. 6oz. baby Jesus, for the oddballs. We don’t all have to be performing monkeys.

It’s interesting to come across these videos when there are still under 200 views. It looks like I’m 199 on the roster and it was just posted two days ago, and number 17 to click the ‘thumbs up’ icon at the bottom. It’s not that it makes me feel a part of an exclusive, special group. It makes me feel like one a very few lucky people.

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