Radio Quarantine -EXEK – Some Beautiful Species Left (2019)

2019 on Youtube from Harakiri Diat

I am loving the hell out of this record by EXEK, from Melbourne, Australia. It will never cease to amaze me how so much music in so many different styles comes from such a relatively small population. The creative output per capita down under eclipses any area of the world I can think of. It seems like every other person is involved in making music and art. And there doesn’t seem to be anything you could put your finger on as typically Australian. There is no specific style that you might call a Melbourne or a Sydney sound. There is no way to really describe this record either. There are a couple tracks here that are somewhat reminiscent of Sandinista era Clash or Big Audio Dynamite, but that’s about as close as you’re going to get.

This album sidetracked me from the psychobilly/doombilly tip from yesterday. I’ve had it on repeat with few other additions for about 24 hours. One of the additions was Exek’s prior release, AHEAD OF TWO THOUGHTS. It’s brought me down a rabbit hole of affiliated musical projects on the same label. There’s a whole lineup that may make it hard to leave the house.

I will leave the house though. Life takes on an odd shape without movement, and it’s going to take a lot of that movement stuff to work out whatever it is that’s got it’s hand in the middle of my back pushing me along. Of course I could just do my laundry, which would relieve another kind of pressure. Maybe later.

Maybe tomorrow.

Some Beautiful Species Left has a somewhat far off feel to it. Not quite dream-like but not quite present. It’s music for when you’re feeling a little left of center, and in that respect it’s been perfect for the last 24. It’s a funny thing. It sounds like there is no intention of playing it to an audience. It’s like being dialed in to someone’s inner monologue when they’re not quite focussed on anything specific. It’s like they put their thoughts on broadcast by accident and it’s playing over a sound system and they haven’t quite caught on that everyone can hear. God help the world if everyone could hear what’s going on in my head most of the time but this isn’t so scary. It’s just kind of distant. Puttering. Unsettled. But not particularly anxious.

That’s where I am today. I’m unsettled but not anxious. There are thoughts that could easily turn south to The Bad if I thought they really mattered. Sometimes they seem like they matter, but they don’t. A man can’t go back and change things so it’s just echoes of the should-have-dones. Everyone has those. It’s like opening a box sometimes and finding souvenirs from a long-ago vacation but you can’t remember which one. They just give you the feels but you can’t remember why. You should probably just throw them out so they don’t take up space but you’re not going to. You’ll close the box and open it up at some point down the line and wonder again what they’re from and the associations may be entirely different than the last time.

Time to move though.

Time to move.

Time to move.

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