Radio Quarantine -Baroque & Philosophique Girl – Illusory (2016)

A little EBM, minimal techno vibe for this morning. Why not? This was the last on deck last night before falling out into a somewhat broken sleep. It stuck with me through a night of chaotic dreams. Nothing to recall this morning. Just strange, fast, disturbing images with slash-edits between one theme and the next. It could have been soundtracked with techno, or even dubstep. There was no running theme. Just strobed images pulled from here and there. We’ll give it all to this EP by BAROQUE & PHILOSOPHIQUE GIRL, a Japanese duo by way of a Spanish record label.

It will be a short week in the number of days given the long weekend just passed, but these post-holiday weeks always seem to drag horribly. We’ll see how that pans out. I could go for another short week before the spring schedule and he cancellations heat up. Some of the more stentorian restrictions are lifting, restaurant dining is opening up here in New York, but COVID-19 is still making the rules. We’re cancelling two of our late spring and early summer events. Chicago won’t be opening up until the beginning of June so a May conference is out of the question. Washington DC is out of the question and we’ll see how Austin, Texas goes. People are going to be frantic. There isn’t a lot of money involved for each individual so their anxiety is more about their own personal sense of control. It’s a question of making a demand that will be met ASAP. It’s any demand really. It’s about letting them feel like they have a say over any little thing. I get it. I really do. It’s a scary time, approaching a half million deaths. We may have even reached that mark over the long weekend. It was pushing close on Friday. There are still people resisting the truth but you can see the reality manifesting in a general air of shittiness with a lot of folks.


It’s truly sad.

We’ll roll with it. Me and my dog. Not much else to do.

Roll on.

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