Radio Quarantine -Bura Bura – The New Flesh (2018)

This has been one of those insane days where so many intriguing sounds have come in over the transom. It’s hard to even know where to start but this three year old beauty from BURA BURA seems a good start. I said it just the other day, that you never know what you’re going to get when you open up music from Australia. There’s nothing that someone down there isn’t doing. This dark wave/cold wave thing is just further proof. Just one guy in the studio with a shit ton of gadgets and knobs, apparently, but it sounds like this:

It’s kind of a gothic, industrial horror soundtrack that really kind of reminds me that there aren’t enough real horror movies anymore. The producers go out of their way to make the gore more realistic and it’s horror in that sense but not exactly frightening beyond the stomach-turning effects. That’s just an aside, of course, but prove me wrong. I’m willing to take suggestions.

This is just one find for today. Just one…

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