Radio Quarantine -The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation – Anthropomorphic (2011)

It’s a hard sound to get away from, this Mt. Fuji Doomjazz Corporation, not that there’s any reason to. They’ve come up in Radio Quarantine before, early on when time was creeping along in a creepy way. There was an ominous vibe covering the planet, back before the protests of last summer, and the election. The music keeps an odd time that seemed to match how it was, slow and heavy. Then things blew up some, and have settled down again some… A bit. Things are opening up, and nobody knows quite how that’s going to go. There seems to be an awful lot of people who think the world will reset automatically to pre-Covid-19 2019, or even earlier. I’m not in agreement. I’m pretty certain things will be heated by the summer. We’ll find out that beating the virus was only one of our concerns. But for now there’s a mood, and there is a soundtrack for the mood.

Forgive me if my words seem somewhat addled in recent weeks. My head has been only halfway in the present at any given moment. Where it has been the rest of the time is anyone’s guess. It doesn’t seem future or past. No focus… but it’s okay. I’ve been drifting along with the music. Slow, heavy, plodding… like watching a bank of storm clouds off in the distance. You know it’s coming down hard somewhere and wonder which direction it’s going and if you might want to batten down the hatches, or wait to see how it plays out.

Drifting along with the clouds, not quite above them, but not beneath where the weather is dangerous. Drifting along with the music. MFDC is a rather psychedelic beastie, and not in that West Coast US flower-power way that I’ve come to loathe. There’s this stretch of Europe, from mid to northwest, Germanic, Teutonic where psychedelia plays out differently. They’re more willing to go deep into the darker instincts and fears that we usually pretend to ignore hoping it just goes away. The Euros go straight through, and that’s something I find easier to vibe with. Denial leaves a bad taste in my mouth. We all have horror and suspense movies in our heads. There’s no point in denying that they exist in there. May as well see what they’re about. Let’s soundtrack it. What does fear sound like? What does anxiety sound like? How would you describe dread with music? There is music being created right at this minute that catalogues these wild animal calls… these primal things inside us. And this is why my own music collection is a sort of bestiary. There is a sound for every emotion, good or bad or in between, if I can only find it, and I’m working on that. MFDC is an important find in that respect. I’ve been looking for them and didn’t know until I clicked a link.

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