Radio Quarantine -snapline粉笔线-Phenomena (2012)

The deeper you go down some rabbitholes, the more strange and wonderful it becomes. Now here we are deep into Thailand with SNAPLINE and it’s… sublime. Their own Bandcamp page has them tagged with all kinds of words. Dark electro, experimental, hardcore, alternative… none seem to quite nail it down. I hear some Gary Numan or Ultravox. Then at points I hear Big Black. Who knows? Google searches didn’t turn up a lot of information. It would be nice to have it in their own words but all there really is is the music.

Southeast Asia is another region that I have very little knowledge of, at least not current knowledge. I still can’t claim to know anything significant about the history and culture. It’s really mostly memories of National Geographic pictorials and that’s about where it ends.

Phenomena is truly a phenomenon to me though. You could place it in four or five different decades and it wouldn’t sound out of place. If you told me it was released yesterday that would sound reasonable to me. Some music and art exist in a timeless place. This is one of those albums. There is a mention on their page that their sound has evolved so that’s something to look into. How could it be better than this though? This moves me.

Thailand… why can’t this be New York? It would be a blast to see them live.

Appendix: May 21, 2021 – So apparently there is conflicting information that says Snapline is actually from Beijing and not Thailand. That’s to be expected on the internet, and my knowledge of either country is equally lacking, so…

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