Pandemic Radio: Nym – Warm Blooded Lizard (2011)

I’ve no real clue what this Nym person is about; their background or relationship to music etc, but this WARM BLOODED LIZARD, best I can tell, is an updated version of what Ennio Morricone might have done for a spaghetti western soundtrack in 2011 or beyond. It’s hard to know how to to describe or explain it other than that. It’s really fucking brilliant.

Nothing really materialized yesterday from that low-key sense of doom, but the feeling hasn’t entirely disappeared either. It’s hidden a little deeper maybe, beneath memories of a romantic beach day. I mean, for all the anxiety about a boot about to drop, might as well get some live in before it comes, right? Just kidding, sort of, but it was a good day. Best in a while, and there has been a good handful of good days. I’m not going to complain.

And still, the feeling that something is about to come down hard is still there. It’s not an unreasonable fear either so this isn’t magical thinking. When it comes it’s not going to be a case of ESP. It will be an understanding of mathematics. You keep adding up a variety of different tensions and anxieties and sooner or later something is going to pop off. It’s just math. I’m not claiming to be a psychic. I just add.

The rain from Henri settled in last night around 8. The wind, I hear, was harder out east on Long Island but here it was just a hard rain with an occasional heave of thunder. Big,.clumsy rolls, like a giant beast grumbling and turning over. Parts of the city flooded badly also. There was a brief respite in the wee hours and the standing water out in the drench drained some. Then on schedule it began again about an hour ago. It’s still quiet though this morning at just before 8. We shall see.

Maybe it should be a rest day anyway.


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