Radio Quarantine: Super Thirty-One – Eye Heavy (1996)

Just let it be said that Eye Heavy by Super Thirty-One has been on repeat for the last 24 hours. It’s all I need and its all want to hear. How it’s escaped me for more than twenty-five years is anyone’s guess. Had it been released in 2021 it would have been my favorite album, or at least running neck and neck with Nation of Language, whose release last year left me on the floor. But this…


I’ve said it before. You just can’t be everywhere at once and if the truth were told, this probably wasn’t where my head was at in 1996. It was sort of all over the place but probably not chewing on aural sustenance like this. So, there is that.

It’s hard to find any other information on them. The Bandcamp page for Completely Gone Recordings doesn’t show this but they’ve got a 1996 EP and a more recent release. Nothing else to speak of though. Shame though. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s best. Some bright spots burn out really quickly so you never know. Maybe these guys had exactly the 15 minutes they merited. No idea. They only appear on Youtube once, and the video has less than 175 views. Seems a shame too. At another point in time this album could have gone triple platinum.


It’s going to be all about the music today. I’m tired and still working. this weekend will be mellow. Not much to do. I’m standing up as witness to a young couple getting married on Sunday. It’s an honor to be asked. Who would I ask to stand up for me? Maybe I should give that some thought. Hey, it could happen.

For now.

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