Radio Quarantine: Maëror Tri – Archaic States (1993)

So their name, Maëror Tri, translates loosely (incorrectly, actually) as The Mournful Three or The Grieving Three but they’re German, so that’s almost a given. It’s probably time to stop these tongue-in-cheek asides about the Germans lest they it be taken seriously. There does come a point through when traveling east through Europe, often somewhere in Germany, where you’re much less likely to find someone creating the equivalent of Shiny, Happy People. Perhaps it’s the weather. It has occurred to me that the weather impacts my music listening. Yesterday was warm and my music consumption was more warm and organic. Today it’s bitter and gray, and so we are back in Eastern Europe. It is what it is. And this album is great, kind of an industrial, mechanical drone. It’s about as warm and organic as a metal shop, but if that’s what you’re looking for, well… go someplace else.



I am neither, but I guess I lean into the morose.


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