World War III Radio: Kermesse – GALAXY Mix (Feb 7, 2022 Youtube Mix)

It probably doesn’t matter how one describes Kermesse. This is the story that’s repeated ad infinitum on the web, across a dozen or so websites:

Kermesse is a duo from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Pedro and Gurtz, became friends traveling and playing music with previous projects. In 2015 they found the moment to merge their ideas into a new aesthetic.
Their sound could be described as effervescent & colorful, product of the fusion of all kind of sound sounds with instruments and vocals.

What does that mean, exactly? It’s kind of a chill, rhythmic vibe with notes of both South American and Middle Eastern/Central Asian. It’s laid back but not really anything approaching ambient. It’s not even lofi. It’s just kind of cool.

I’ve been up for more than an hour now, or at least awake. Coffee is brewed and the first cup is half gone but it’s not working. My body is resisting and my inclination is to cover up and hide and sleep, but that’s not happening. Not yet anyway. Too much going on with the first event of H1 a few days away. Too many people are going to be reaching out, and frankly, it’s just me to respond. There isn’t going to be a lot of support from my so called teammate. Sure that sounds bitter, but it’s been going on too long. Nuff said, right? The day isn’t going to be about him. What comes around goes around and it’s about to come full circle here. Someone is going to get run over. I’m tired, Lord I am tired, of caring as much as I do and I can’t figure out why I care. Is it really about getting things done right? The good of the people involved? The event? The company? Or am I just bending over backwards again seeing recognition and validation? And if that’s the case, how much would be enough? Is “enough” possible?

A lot of questions, man.

Stick with the music. The music doesn’t lie. It doesn’t answer any questions but it doesn’t ask any either, and that’s beautiful.

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