World War III Radio: Restive Plaggona – Unknown [Unreleased]

Restive Plaggona tacked this mix up on their own Youtube Channel back in early February of 2022. Don’t know if it is older material, or just new stuff he couldn’t find an outlet for. That doesn’t matter. It’s fire. Insert multiple flame emojis here, or whatever it is the kids used to indicate that something is red hot. This is an act I’d not heard of at all until recently but that’s entirely my loss. This is another one of those experimental, electronic acts that sounds like they’re tapped into the raw zeitgeist of the last few years. It’s what fear and adrenaline would sound like if you could channel it through a mixing board. That’s probably not what everyone is looking for when they seek out new music. It’s not even something I’m necessarily hunting for, but I’m also not going to shy away from it when it comes my way. You can’t punk out on your feelings like that. And you can’t punk out on something that sounds real just because it makes you a bit anxious. Not everything has to be pretty songs about relationships and heartbreak. How boring would the world be if that was the sum total of music and musical experience? So fucking dreary!

I should have known this morning that a round of headaches was coming through. Early on today it was just exhaustion and raw nerves. By 10am I was down for the count. I did manage to get the dog out a couple times but mostly it’s been… horizontal. Horizontal. Exhaustion. Nausea. Hammer struck pain. Again and again and again and again and again. These things are still frightening, even knowing they will pass at some point as quickly as they came. It always crosses my mind that this is going to be the last one forever. That’s not melodrama either. Google “Cluster Headache” and read up just a bit. There is no undue exaggeration. It feels like getting beaten with a hammer. So… that was my morning.

These things always leave me feeling buried, as if under a pile of trash and feelings. It takes a bit to dig out and rest up and prepare for the next round, and there usually is a next round. They can come several times a day for a week, or many weeks. I’ve mostly controlled them for the past few years, or I’ve believed I’ve controlled them with exercise and diet and blah blah blah. Then they come back and make me feel silly. At least the exercise and diet have other positive effects, so…


I do have an online meeting in a bit and it’s time to prepare for that.

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