World War III Radio: SIZE – ACTUAL SIZE (1998)

Dateline Sydney, Australia: Some experimental, plunderphonic weirdness from SIZE, pseudnym of sorts for a couple of dudes named Garry Bradbury and Jason Gee. Most people would surmise that there’s a shit ton of weed involved, but I can neither confirm nor deny that. It could fuck with your head though. It’s different. It’s also pretty compelling, so it’s a thumb’s up for me. It’s only a rare day that I put something up here because it’s garbage but it’s weird enough. This is not one of those days. This is not garbage, by any stretch of the definition. Somebody posted it to Youtube with no video and not even an image but I dug up the original cover on Bandcamp. That was worth the effort too.

I’m grateful for the folks that do the experimental stuff. It keeps the world interesting. It would be pretty easy for everything to turn to tedium without people with the daring and skill to do something a little different. I’m in debt to guys like Bradbury and Gee.

My world is still topsy-turvy this morning. That needs some clarity. The details and logistics are perfectly fine with a couple big changes overdue, but otherwise okay. Health-wise though there is some uncertainty. I’m feeling pretty raw. I’ve no grand philosophical statements nor social commentary this morning. My attention is more centered on wading through these pain episodes. I’m sure you’ll understand if I just drift off into these sounds.


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