World War III Radio: You’ve Got FOETUS On Your Breath ‎– Deaf (1981)

Controlled chaos…

Or the best New York No Wave band/album not from New York City.

Someone in the comments described Foetus as being ahead of their time and that might be entirely true if you weren’t aware of what was going on in New York in the early 1980s. I don’t know if any of it was ahead of its time but it was all certainly of its own time. There’s been, to the best of my knowledge, nothing like it before or since. It was just an entirely different approach. It was angular and abrasive, like the sound of glass breaking. It evoked a sense of alarm, but was all still quite compelling and beautiful in its own right. The way the sound and the light reflected across the shards… It was its own time.

And all I’m really doing here is feeling nostalgic but I think I’m starting to sound like one of those twats from Pitchfork or Trouser Press. No, I’m just feeling my age. That’s all. It happens sometimes despite myself.

I’m feeling kind of restless so I’m going to leave you with this and move into my day. Not anxious but restless. There is a distinct difference. That’s why they are two separate words.

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