World War III Radio: ペールLOOK – Chronicles of Lorem Ipsum (Oct 14, 2022)

I should have known from the dark kind of vibe that this was from Eastern Europe or Russia. That’s where darkness lives. You find it in other places but not to the same extent. Do they do lightness? They must, right? I don’t really know though. My judgment is clouded. I know what I’m drawn to and that’s about it. I’m drawn to this, more so than a lot of barber beats or slushwave, vaporwave, lo fi, etc. It just resonates deeper. These are the frequencies I run on.

It’s been an odd few months. I’ve been doing a lot more of my brooding in private. It’s been a lot more personal and doesn’t really belong out in the world. I’ll keep it in the darkness. This is no less genuine and authentic. You can always tell where I am. You’ll rarely find me walking on sunshine. It’s just not how I’m drawn.

The world is no less strange than when I last checked in. Russia and Ukraine are still at it, or Russia is still at it in Ukraine. That might be the better way to phrase it. Putin has hinted several times recently about the lengths he would go to in order to win this. He’s put his whole nuke team on alert and who really knows if that’s just to panic the rest of us? I’d put nothing past him. I’d put nothing past anyone on this side of the world either, for that matter. I’m not likely to change the name of these entries. World War III Radio pretty much calls it. We are teetering on the edge of some really fucked up times. Not that things aren’t already fucked up, but it’s going to get worse. No shit. I’m willing to make that call, if for no other reason than nobody is able to make reassurances that we’re not doing down that garden path.

The rent has to be paid in the meantime though, so…

Howdy. Good morning.

Oh, and the pound sterling collapsed about a month ago with the input of a new PM. A shit ton of their Parliament was busted profiting by trading against the pound also. In normal times at some point in the not so distant past, they would have been strung up by their necks, but these aren’t normal times. We all expect corruption now, and in most cases actually applaud it. Like going to any length at the expense of all decency is something admirable? There are no rules anymore for those who are already rich. We take for granted that they are in the right because we can see ourselves doing the exact same thing, and we’ll pat ourselves on the back for being bold enough to fuck over everyone else. We’ll still call ourselves patriots though.

Bitter irony is the rule.

But anyway…

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