World War III Music: Nova Sententia (Dark Disco / Italo Dance / EBM / New Beat / Indie Dance / Acid / Electro)

I wish there was a better track list with this, but this November 4th addition to Youtube is what it says it is in the title. The only artist I recognize by name is Minuit Machine. It’s all mystery after that but perhaps that will lead to new discoveries. That’s the whole reason for compilations, right? Learn something new every day, or try like hell to do so. That will keep you moving forward. Trust me on that. I’ve been around the block once or twice. This may be my last go but I’ve definitely learned some shit.

There hasn’t been a lot to say these last couple months, or maybe there is just so much to say that it’s become too overwhelming to narrow it down to any single flow of thought. The world is fucking crazy and a lot of my focus has come down to personal sustainability. It’s a question of psychic survival. Just to stop struggling to make any sense of what’s going on out there and focus on immediacy.

Immediacy like a playlist for the day. Forget about geo-politics. It’s like pissing into the ocean to try to resist the madness there. The surf just pushes it back into your face. Bam! Here go you! Seriously, there is just too much going on to make sense of any of it. Like, I have a hard time even checking the weather. It’s like whatever, Bro, you just get what you get and stop trying to fuss about it. You get what you get.

But moving on…

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