World War III Radio: Body Seduction: Acid | Indie Dance | New Beat | Electro | EBM | Minimal | Synthwave | Dark Disco (Youtube Nov 16, 2022)

It seemed a long haul in last night from the other side of the river. Not that it was a hard day at all. Quite the opposite actually, but that ride back can be a drag. The transfer there in the West Village can be sketchy on the late night, with the homeless encampment at the North End of the West 4th Street station. It seemed especially tense last night, maybe the cold weather and such. Who knows? Compassion can wear thin when you’re feeling a bit uptight about your safety, and the fear is real. Things could pop off at any time when you’re dealing with the desperate and the mentally ill. How much compassion and understanding can a person afford when you need to get home in one piece. Yah, it’s easy to get that these people have no home, but you can’t get stupid about it either. There are some fucking crazies out there and the last couple years haven’t eased the tension.

In any event, it was a long slog through the streets and tunnels, so sure, I’m a little tired. I feel good but I’m tired. Another day in World War III. Stay alert and stay alive.

This mix from last week is fire. It’s dark as hell and every track is a banger. No weak link here.

It looks like I’m headed out today to the other boroughs for various errands. It’s a no work week and only two days into a holiday it’s already feeling like it’s going to be too short. Oh well, how much time would it actually require and there’s another one at the end of next month, so it’s not going to be so bad at all. There may truly be time to reboot and recharge. Shut down and start again. It’s funny that it works for computers and it can work for people too. Welcome to the Modern Age. I Robot, and all that noise.

Welcome to another Monday in wartime. Keep your head low and your powder dry. Stay safe out there, people. Stay safe. It can be harder some days than others just to make it home.

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