World War III Radio: Haircuts for Women – Life is Short (Oct 7, 2022)

How would one describe Haircuts for Women? Maybe take vaporwave or barber beats, and then throw in lo-fi, hip hop or dreampunk. There are hip hop samples and some dub… I don’t know. It’s a bit different so we are definitely switching it up a little for today. The war would get pretty fucking boring without some variation, you know? Or maybe you don’t know. Maybe you haven’t sorted it out yet that we’re at war. Or maybe you choose to remain asleep. Or it could be that it’s just me. Who knows? I’ve filled my boots this morning though and I’m packed and ready to go, for what it’s worth. I’m not exactly chomping at the bit but I’m ready.

Turn up the music. Crank the bass to the right so the speakers distort and the windows rattle in their frames. Make it weird. Keep it weird.

I’m restless this morning, and tempted to fuck shit up for the sake of it. There is an art to self-immolation. Destroy yourself and see what gets up and walks away, maybe not rising like a phoenix but slouching towards Bethlehem. Take down the ego. Destroy the self. Nuke the comfort zone. See who or what you become. Restlessness is dangerous but potentially beautiful. I mean, what would you do for art? How far would you go when your life itself is an art project?


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