Radio Quarantine – Marquis de Sade: Dantzig Twist (1979)

What’s to say here about Marquis de Sade and Dantzig Twist? Best Television album/songs not by Television? That’s not a put-down at all. Considering that Marquee Moon was the first compact disc I bought when I thought I’d be making the shift from vinyl, it’s the highest compliment. The surprise to me is that with all the write-ups I’ve read on this French post-punk, cold wave band, they made every other comparison but Television. You can listen for yourself:

It’s closer to Television than anything else you’ll here. Throw in a dash of early Talking Heads and maybe Pere Ubu and you’ve got it. Mostly, it’s Television. And it’s good enough that I don’t care. It’s perfect for a rainy morning with a cold wave about to sweep in. The drop in temperatures will be welcome with me. Cool air takes down the…. sweats. Another round with the vampires and they can’t tell me anything new. Allergists, neurologists, endocrinologists, nutritionists… all kinds of ists and nothing definitive. It’s about time to just to go the obeah woman and sacrifice a fucking chicken or something.

Not today though. Today I’ve got work to do.


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