Radio Quarantine -Piero Umiliani – To-Day’s Sound (1972)

Slide left a bit, on the map geographically speaking, and not politically, and then toggle back in time about 50 years to Italy in the early 70s for some psychedelic craziness. PIERO UMILIANI was better known as a soundtrack composer for Italian films. Today he’s covered me on for soundtracks.

I started this last night with the intent of heading off to the ER but weathered it out at home. I’ll see if I can get an urgent visit today or tomorrow at the latest. This spell of headaches may not be sustainable. The episodes are coming hard and fast. My endurance isn’t what it used to be. There has to be some kind of relief beyond narcotics. Sitting around doped up for weeks isn’t a viable option. I’m going to leave this for now. Just a record, if you will, a marker that I was here.

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