Radio Quarantine -Bixio – Frizzi – Tempera ‎– Sette Note In Nero (1977)

“Sette Note in Nero” aka “The Psychic” aka ” L’ Emmurée Vivante”.

There was definitely a different vibe going by 1977 and the soundtrack for this one, by Vince Tempera, Franco Bixio and Fabio Frizzi aka MAGNETIC SYSTEMS is definitely up to date while still capturing that noir giallo feel. It’s bubbly, jazzy, cooking, like cheese on a grill, but totally ahead of earlier films. There’s even a song with a White Shade of Pale sort of sound. They had clearly moved on from the big orchestral sound and were brining more pop sensibility into it. It works for me.

Speaking of moving on, I could probably do a few soundtracks a day for the next few months, but at this rate I could be down here in the rabbithole forever. The idea of Radio Quarantine isn’t essays on any single genre or artist. I don’t know what the idea is but it’s not essays, which are clearly not my forte anyway. As fascinating as it is to travel back in time it’s not fulfilling the needs that brought me to this in the first place. It’s feeling a bit performative, going through all these, and not the catharsis that has helped me move along day to day.

That’s not to diminish any of the music I’ve posted, and certainly not this piece. This one in particular is beautiful and intense, and in parts, frightening. I actually started searching Amazon to put together a small library of giallo films for future viewing. I remember some of them from Late, Late Shows in my early teens. Television was filled, after the 11 o’clock news, with movies and actors that you’d never see at earlier times. I’m kind of excited to swan dive into them.

I’d like to say that I don’t know where the weekend went, because it did seem to speed by, but that wouldn’t be true. There is a clearly recorded history of exactly where it went, between this blog and some photos out and about Chinatown and the Lower East Side. Add in some K-Drama binging and at least one 12 hour snore and there you have it. It came and went and now it’s Monday. I could include a photo of my face here because I can feel the frown and the furrowed brow. Relax, dude. Relax. But am I ready for today? That doesn’t make a difference, does it? Monday comes every week, like it or not, until Mondays stop coming altogether, for each of us. Acceptance… It wasn’t a bad weekend at all. It was kind of a wormhole in time though. It seems like ten minutes ago that it was Friday evening and I was walking across the Manhattan Bridge. There is a photo record that walking the bridge really happened. There is a digital time stamp on the photos so it was definitely Friday night. It’s just that it feels like it could still be Friday night, but it’s not. Oh well. Again, acceptance. Another cup of coffee with lubricate the acceptance muscles.

Okay then… I’m not entirely ready but that’s not going to change so might as well just go in at the deep end.

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