Pandemic Radio: Jestofunk – Universal Mother (2000)

It’s going to sound apologetic to begin a discussion of JESTOFUNK with talk of cultural appropriation but it’s hard to imagine playing this for my woke warrior friends without the topic coming up. Yet if it just came on with no talk about being from Italy, nobody would be the wiser. It would just be about the music. And that’s really the important part anyway. If you’re going to get hung up on politics then you’re going to risk missing out on a fucking banger of an album. Universal Mother is simply deadly. It’s another of these Irma Records releases I’ve been bouncing to for the last month or so. It’s hot.

So I’m still here in Brooklyn and the battle is still raging outside. Pandemic politics… Man, I don’t know if I can wrap my head around it enough to explain how insane it is. The demoralization stage of the propaganda wars would be complete if I was ever all that invested in one side being right and the other wrong. I’ve of course got my own ideas of what’s true and what’s not and that’s all what drives my day to day actions but everyone else is going to have to sort out their own path. I won’t rant and I won’t preach. I’m not going to rail against the stupidity. The energy it would require isn’t sustainable.

It’s hard to feel though that we’re not utterly fucked.

I’m stripping it down though to what I know to be true. I’ve got my old dog. I’ve got a handful of loved ones. I’ll take care of them while I’m still standing. That’s what will be nurtured for the duration of this madness. We love each other. Nothing else needs to be true or false. We’ve got what we need.

You’re not going to read any great proclamations here. You might get a recommendation and that would be just to make shit right with the people that matter to you. They are what will keep you propped up while the rest of the world spins.

And I recommend that dance whenever possible. It’s healing.

Here’s some music to help that along.

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