World War III Radio: Afro House Mix 2022 | Pablo Fierro | Da Capo | Caiiro | Afro House | Black Coffee | Naesac mix (Feb 5, 2022 Youtube Mix)

Bit of a change-up this morning, at least with tone and pace. The mood about town seems a bit lighter anyway. East Village and particularly Houston Street were crowded to pre-pandemic levels. It was actually spring-y but the sun was out and there was a crisp breeze. It was hard to believe that only a few weeks ago every conversation was about whether or not Vladimir Putin would dare use nuclear weapons. God knows though, given the state of the repair of the rest of his war machine, if they would even launch or where they would go if they did, or if they would blow up where they sit. God knows any fucking thing and yesterday’s prevailing zeitgeist seemed a lot like my own words from a few weeks ago. This is so much bigger than all of us so why fight it? Why not just dance?

Why not just dance, indeed? I don’t have the emotional capacity or spiritual fortitude to be part of these discussions anymore. I’m only doing myself a disservice getting involved. And I don’t think anybody really cares anyway. Well, it can’t be said that nobody cares because some absolutely do. There is a lot of virtue signaling though, and nobody is going to convince me that all these cunts showing up to a rally on their days off and then headed off to brunch or the playground actually constitutes giving a fuck about Ukraine, or any other issue for that matter.


Not sorry

That’s a lot to wake up, isn’t it? I am sorry for that. It’s just weird to see all this disappearing from the news cycle as fast as it entered it. How real is the threat? Was it all just part of a big distraction? Was it just another simulation? It’s not for the people of Ukraine but how big is the threat to everyone else? That’s going to be a hard call. I’m inclined to say that Russian imperialism is definitely a big deal and threatens all of us. It’s no bigger a threat than American imperialism but the problem is that the world is very small and there isn’t really room for both. Sooner or later the two are going to come up against each other, and…


Fuck if I know what it will lead to but I know this. When you hang out all the time in the barber shop, sooner or later you’re going to get your hair cut. Whatever happens can’t be good. Okay?

So now that this is settled…

Yesterday was a very nice day. There were a lot of people out enjoying the weather, though it wasn’t ideal. Nobody was thinking about Russia. I could have just phrased it that way, right?

It’s a big week coming up. If I need to shake out any ya-yas then I’d better do it today. There are more ya-yas than usual. Keep shaking.

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