World War III Radio: KOGNITIF – SOUL FOOD 2 (2019)

Hot enough to get you moving. Cool enough to make you forget for a few minutes that it’s over 80 at 5 in the morning. Get ready to sweat. Get ready to sweat it. Sweat the weather and sweat global warming and sweat the state of the world and the state of the people in it. These are troubled times. Yes, these are troubled times.

Wake up and smell trouble.

I smell trouble.

But I’m still going to get up and get moving and act like it’s any other day in any other year in any other country on any other planet. I’m going to act as if.

As if…

As if any of this shit makes sense. What did some of my countrymen vote for or against this week? Gay marriage, contraception and the right of a pregnant woman to file for divorce. Sorry lady but if you’re knocked up you’re stuck, even if he knocks you around.

What the fuck are these people thinking? It’s as if a bunch of drunk guys say around and tried to do each other making a list of really offensive shit to legislate. They seem dead serious though. These are strange fucking times.

But I’m going to crank up these tunes and act as if…

As if we aren’t living in some mindfuck dystopia with Orcs calling the shots.

Crank up the tunes. KOGNITIF has the wheel today. I’m going on auto-pilot.

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